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Our Story

How We Met

TLDR: "We met through friends!"
Brian and Stephanie met in early 2015, through friends!, and were good friends for years before they had the space to realize that more than just friendship might be in store for them.
While hanging out one afternoon back in 2017, Brian was humming a song and he sang a lyric from said song. Little did he know that it was one of Stephanie's favorite songs and, to his surprise, she finished the lyric! (The lyric was: "We'll ditch the car in Wisconsin and hide out in the trees. And I know a dude in Madison who owes some favors to me." Bonus points to you if you know the song without looking it up.) It was the small, cute spark they needed and next thing they knew, they were on their official first date! 
Since that first date, they've spent countless hours strolling with Winnie through Milwaukee - Lake Park is their favorite and is where the website's header photo was taken, migrated to the East Side to move into their dream home, travelled the world, and discovered their mutual love for Mexico City... among many other things. 
After seven years of friendship and love, they can't wait to start this next chapter of their lives, surrounded by all their favorite people, at their wedding in Milwaukee!
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The Proposal

In his words: I was just waiting for the ring. It was coming from Ukraine and it was the first months of a global pandemic so I knew there might be some bumps along the way. I figured, once it's in America, everything will be fine and it made it to America. I picked a day and had a nice picnic planned and just needed the ring to show up. I sat on the stoop of our house for days waiting for it to arrive and it didn't come. The picnic came and went and still no ring. We had planned a trip to a cabin the next weekend. It would be better than the picnic, spending time in Green Lake and Princeton, Wisconsin. Still no ring. It was out for shipping several times but never delivered. On the day of the trip, I called the post office thinking maybe they could help. The only option I had remaining. They had it. The ring was sitting there, a single mile away. I snagged it and we hit the road for our cabin weekend. I knew sunset was going to occur shortly after we arrived. I couldn't propose outside at night (how would we get even a single good photo?) so I had to rush. We arrived at the cabin and I started running, unloading the car, setting up chairs, grilling dinner. Stephanie was confused when I started shoveling burning hot peppers and sausage into my mouth the moment it was off the grill but I needed us to finish dinner with a little sunlight remaining. Patsy Cline was playing on a speaker. I asked what she thought of 2020 so far and I got down on one knee. I had the ring. She said yes. We even got a decent photo or two.
In her words: It was smack dab in the middle of covid summer 2020 and we were getting soooo stir crazy. We decided to book a small A-Frame in Princeton, WI to get out of our house and into nature for a bit. We packed up and got to the cabin just before sunset. Brian started unpacking the car like a nut and jumped straight into dinner and proceeded to scarf down his (very hot) food at super speed. I just assumed he was really hungry? Had no idea that it was *the ring* in his pocket that was making him extra anxious! (And that he was trying to beat the sunset because he knew I'd need some cute pics - the man knows me well.) So, we finish dinner and are just walking around and chatting. He says something to the effect of, "How would you describe 2020 so far?" (Hot dumpster fire came to mind at that point, haha.) My back was turned and when I turned around to answer, he was on one knee. I remember Walking After Midnight by Patsy Cline was playing. We spent the rest of the night drinking whiskey and champagne and being in awe of the fact that we were engaged. It was lovely. And I was totally clueless to the fact it was supposed to happen the weekend before!

Wedding Party

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Kaitlin Shumaker

To describe Katie: kind-hearted, loving, outspoken, takes-no-sh*t. If you know her, you know. 
I've been blessed to know this girl her whole life - from me helping change her diapers to her watching me hit puberty first to us fighting over clothes to living in Milwaukee together, we've seen it all from each other and the love's still there. 
It's true what they say: sisters make the best friends! 
(Pretty sure she's Winnie's favorite, too.)
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Kevin Hildebrand

If you have a younger brother like Kevin, he has to be your best man. Kevin is the kind of person who will drive two hours each way to make sure he's at a basketball practice. He'll start tailgating at 7 am, play with kids all day, then still manage a disaster at work in the evening.  
We learned to ski together. We learned to play basketball together. We learned to golf together. Enough about things he's better at than me, though. He has always put up with my worse characteristics (of which there are plenty) and loved me for my better ones. He's one of a kind and I'm proud to have him as my best man.
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Winnie the Pig

We will be walking Winnie and people will ask us, "Is she still a puppy or is she full grown?" She's probably 9 years old at this point but look at that puppy dog face! She's got the spunkiest personality, loves cuddling and her stuffed lamb-chop toys, and sometimes she stands on the table to eat full boxes of donuts. But haven't we all been there? 
She really is the best dog in Milwaukee. 
We said what we said. 




Located at Vista MKE
Our ceremony will be an indoor/outdoor rooftop ceremony so feel free to wear your cutest heels! 

1023 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr

Cocktail Hour & Reception

5:30pm - 12:00am

Located at Vista MKE
Same venue as ceremony, yay! 

1023 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr

Where to Stay

Aloft Downtown

Book Here

Less than a quarter mile from the venue with views of Fiserv Forum (Bucks in 6!) 
Plus a very walkable location with lots of restaurants/bars nearby.

Hyatt Regency

Book Here

Also about a quarter mile from the venue. 

MKE Favorites

Recommendations from Brian and Steph to some of their favorite Milwaukee haunts.


Honeymoon Fund

We have plenty of stuff so, if you feel inclined, please help us experience Bali!
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